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The Family: reaction and review post

Evening all.

Lucky viewers in Canada (and some people pretending to be in Canada!) have already seen the first episode of The Family, which aired there last night but it gets its big prime-time audience debut in the US tonight at 9pm ET (2am GMT) on ABC.

If you'd like to share your thoughts on the outrageous handsomeness of John Warren and any other aspect of the show, including wild speculation about future plot twists, then please feel free to leave them below. I'd love to hear them and as soon as I can see the episode myself I'll be jumping right into the discussion!
The reviews based on the first two episodes have been mostly positive, although with some minor nitpicks:

"addictively delicious... Like the British accent that occasionally slips into Rupert Graves’ delivery (he plays patriarch John, who’s made a career writing about the grief of losing a child), there are a few arcs on The Family that could use a little work. "
- The Family Review: Something's All Wrong With ABC's Newest Clan, and It's Definitely All Right, Michael Slezak, TV Line, 29-Feb-16
(ETA: I feel it's only fair to note the pilot was filmed months before the rest of the season and Rupert has had a dialect coach in the meantime so his accent probably is much better in the later episodes)

"For a network show with a patina of cable prestige, ABC’s new drama The Family is surprisingly quick to crank its burners up to 11 and get the pots boiling."
- ABC’s abduction drama The Family plays a risky game with a solid team, Joshua Alston, AV Club, 29-Feb-16

"Distinguished by a top-flight cast, including Joan Allen and Andrew McCarthy, this soap is a slow but reasonably compelling burn, with abundant possibilities wrapped in its opening hours"
- TV Review: The Family, Brian Lowry, Variety.com, 1-Mar-16

"Writing and structure aside, the real strength of the Family pilot was in the cast. The show amassed an ensemble of phenomenal actors who pretty perfectly embody their characters... For his part, Rupert Graves was solid, but he’ll need some meatier material to stand on equal ground with Joan Allen."
- The Family Review: ABC's New Drama Feels Fresh But Familiar In The Best Way, Laura Hurley, Cinemablend.com, 1-Mar-16

"well-plotted thriller... Gilford, Pill and Graves are also at the top of their game embodying the toll Adam’s disappearance and supposed murder have taken on their respective characters."
- Tragedy brings out the worst in ‘Family’, David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle, 1-Mar-16

"one of the strongest drama entries from the network in recent years, in large part due to its stellar ensemble cast."
- ‘The Family’: ABC’s Twisty New Drama Keeps You Hooked, Michelle Regalado, Cheatsheet.com, 2-Mar-16

But it's not all good news:
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Leap Year Love (2)

It's a leap year which means in two weeks time we get an extra day - February 29th.

There's an old tradition that on this day, contrary to the former usual social convention, a woman may propose marriage to a man of her choice.

Four years ago we held a little poll to ask which of Rupert's characters you were going to pop the question to and the runaway winner was Greg Lestrade!

So this time round we're disqualifying Greg on the grounds of being too adorable (and to give everyone else a chance!) and adding in a few new options!

Poll #2036936 Leap Year Love 2
This poll is closed.

Will you marry me...?

Stirling Rogers
Paul Prentice
Freddy Honeychurch
John Riddell
Alec Scudder
Robert Fulke Greville
Simon Boulderstone
Joseph Lees
Somebody else - let us know in a comment!
Any of those gents take your fancy? Maybe you'd prefer a bad boy like Arkady Dragutin or Nick Savage instead? Tell us your true love's name in the comments if he's not listed above. (You don't need an LJ account - anon commenting is on - but please remember to put your name somewhere in the comment so we know who you are if you're visting from Tumblr or Twitter!)

ETA: write in/anon votes so far (included in final tally but not in the poll above):
Joseph Lees x 2
Robert ( from Death At A Funeral)
Paul Prentice x 4
Jolyon Forsyte
Freddy Honeychurch
Mark Bretherick
John Riddell x 3
Alec Scudder

View result adjusted for anon voting

The poll is now closed - thank you! Congratulations to our new Leap Year Love - Alec Scudder!

And Happy New Sherlock! If you'd like to comment on the special as you watch it/immediately after/three days later once you've calmed down then please feel free to do so.

I'll be adding my thoughts when I get back from the cinema! (I'm hoping one of those will be "Wow there was so much Lestrade!" - a girl can dream!)

And needless to say, comments will contain spoilers so please avoid reading until you've finished watching!
Doesn't time fly when you're lost in Rupert's beautiful big brown eyes having fun! ;)

Thank you to everyone who's still here despite my very sporadic updating (you do know anyone can post to this comm right? Doesn't have to be me!)

Hopefully we'l have some great pictures and quotes (and maybe even some footage?) from Rupert's upcoming trip to SDCC to share here shortly!

He's at the official Sherlock panel in Ballroom 20 with Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue on Thursday July 9th at 3.45pm PDT.

All three of them are also appearing at The Nerd Machine's Nerd HQ Conversations for a Cause Sherlock conversation with Zachary Levi on Friday 10th July at 10am PDT (6pm BST) - that conversation will be available to watch live on streams on IGN.com and IGN's YouTube channel.
Oh, LJ - I've been neglecting you again. We haven't even discussed all the news about The Family! But never mind that just now - I'm here to ask you for some money ;)

Rupert's 52nd birthday is on June 30th - and we're getting him... A MONKEY!

No, really! And not only that, but in return for helping us out in this noble pursuit you could get some fic or a piece of art created especially for you by one of your fellow fans in our Fanworks Auction! (It's open now and you have until 11:59pm BST on Tuesday to bid!)

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2015 Lestrade Calendar: April

I skipped March on purpose because it doesn't work as well as a desktop wallpaper :P  Anyway, use however you wish. xox

2015 Lestrade Calendar: February

February Lestrade 2015
Here you go! I hope February is a good month for everyone :)
Oh Gary, Gary, Gary....

You utter knob.

It's going to be interesting to see how this one resolves itself - and also to see a bit more of Felicity and her and Gary's two daughters...

But the big question of course is... Will Gillian ever fix that tractor decide what - or rather who - she really wants?

And are we getting a fourth series?!


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